Ways worship God in daily life

Life can get busy and you may not be able to fit in a full devotional in your already packed day. Although, this is a great way to grow in God’s word it can take a little to much time then you can sacrifice. If you find yourself on your phone, but saying you are to busy to do a devotional, then you should replace the time on your phone with spending time with the Lord. If you truly do not have very much time in your day then that is a different story.

A painting from my very talented neighbor

A lot of people my age and older get really busy with work. This work could be from a normal job or some teacher that always gives homework. As you know from my last post I have a journal. In that journal is something I call my prayer page, which is where I write down all of my prayers and praises. So, each night I pray before I go to bed. Even though this is not a lot, it still is spending some time with God. It is also really easy to remember and not feel like you are dreading it.

Going to church is also very important. The sabbath is a day of rest made to glorify God. It is a day most have off work and it gives you that extra time you need. If it is a Sunday then you should go to church. Even if you don’t find a church that you like right away you should keep looking. There are many different styles of worship and it can be hard to find a church that is right for you and or your family.


Do you have a devotional book?

Where do you go to church?

Any other ideas for my posts?

Any questions about the post?



I love writing! This is part of the reason why I have a blog. Another way that I try to improve on my writing skills is through journaling.

Bullet note journal

I have something called a bullet note journal. It’s a little different from a regular one because it can be more creative. Usually when you make a new page in your journal it has a lot of sketches, which makes them more interesting to look at. A way that I use mine is to track how many times I do physical therapy a day. It helps me know what my goals are and gives me a reminder to improve if needed. I keep track of upcoming events, which helps me keep up my grades and stay organized. I also keep track of how much water I drink a day. I have had a problem with not drinking a lot of water for a while, but at the end of the day I write down how many cups of water I had, my goal being eight. To motivate myself I wrote a reward. If I drank eight cups of water a day for three weeks then I could go and get ice cream with my best friend. And, so far, I have hit my goal every day for two weeks.


Do you have a bullet note journal?

Would you call yourself artistic?

Do you enjoy writing?

Any questions about my post?

Working out

Working out is an essential to improving in any athletics. You should not expect great physical results if you sit around on your couch all day ( a couch potato 🥔 ).

It is good to build up strength and stamina for sports. There are a lot of fun and creative ways to get the exercise you need, like playing a game with running in it. People say that exercise is boring but that is no reason to let your stamina wither away. Cardio is very important when it comes to sports especially in soccer. You can run, jump rope,bike, and swim for cardio.

Building up strength is also very important. For this, you can lift weights, do wall sits, push ups, pull ups, planks, and sit ups.

A way that I motivate myself is by listening to music. In general I like doing this, but it helps keep you interested. So, your not just thinking how tired or sweaty you are. You can also watch something on the TV if it is near enough to watch. It keeps you interested. One thing that does not work for me, but works for my brother is a podcast. I honestly get board of them but if you do like them go ahead. Just grab your phone, pop some earbuds in, and have a nice run. I often think it is better to run outside rather than on a treadmill. Staying in one place and moving nowhere after you had run miles isn’t something I like to do. When you run outside it gives you more scenery to look at. Also if gives you more of a good feeling about how much ground you covered.


Do you workout?

What’s the longest run you have ever been on?

Do you have any more ideas for a fun workout?

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Many different types of sports have been created, from karate to basketball. There are all different kinds of people, some of whom enjoy sports.

I am one of the people who enjoy sports. The one sport that I like to play the most is basketball. I like basketball because you’re constantly moving, unlike some sports that have you more in one place like softball, for example. I’m not gonna lie, being tall is a great advantage.

Volleyball is another sport I like to play. It is fun, in my opinion, to not play the game with the net, but rather, to see how long you can keep the ball in the air with another person as capable as you. It’s not as fun to play sports with someone who does not spend their time doing athletics.


My best friend has a very different interest in sports. She spends the majority of her evenings doing Martial Arts. She says and I quote, “Like many sports, it has its ups and downs, the downs being quite painful, but it is worth it.” She loves this sport so much that she has even convinced her rat to join her.

Meet SNAP!


What is your favorite sport?

Do you play sports?

What are your thoughts on rats?

Any questions about my post?

How to help

People go through a lot of hard things in life. Like injuries, loss, and sickness. It’s always good to lend a helping hand if you can. It will definitely be much appreciated.

A way that my family trys to help other people is by bringing them a meal. This is a very good way to help someone by giving them an easy meal. My mom has made a company out of this idea. It is called TakeThemAMeal.com. It’s a great way to have a already prepared meal sent to someone’s house with awareness of any allergies they might have.

Another thing that is not exactly helpful but will definitely brighten up their day is a sunshine box. A sunshine box is when you fill a box with all yellow things from candy to board games.

Example of a sunshine box

Another helpful thing to do is to check in, or take care of siblings or children. And of course you should be praying for them, with them, or both. Encourage them to read God’s word. Hoping that whatever they are going through that that would bring them comfort.

Doing fun things with people is also a good way to distract, if you feel like or if they feel like it would be good for them. You could go shopping, find a good TV show to watch with them, play a good card or board game, and treat that sweet tooth with some candy. But, it is also good if they need some space to stay a way for a little bit. It all depends on the person.


Have you ever used TakeThemAMeal.com

What’s another thing to do for a person?

Any questions about the post?

Life Experiences

Life is crazy and full of different and difficult situations. Some are funny, some our sad, and some are unforgettable.

A lot of my unforgettable memory’s have something to do with injury. And , if you have any you would like to share please tell me your story in the comments at the end of this post.

My first injury when I was a child was when I got stitches in my chin. I wanted to jump rope that day but we had no jump rope. So, my creative self used a small blanket instead. It was so small that when I tried to jump it, it swept my feet right out from under me. I landed on my chin and screamed, certain I had broken something. At the end of the day I came back with five stitches in my chin.

One of my saddest memories from not to long ago was when my dog died. I had never gone through any death of a pet that I truly loved. Her name was Violet and she lived to be twenty-one years old. I remember in great detail the day we had to put her down, but I will spare you the emotion and just tell you a vague story. My dad picked me up from school instead of my mom, and every time that happened we wondered if something was wrong. So, I asked the next logical question I could think of,” Is Violet okay?” I blurted out. And, for the first and last time the answer was no. My heart dropped and I started to cry. We picked up my oldest brother from high school and went home. That last goodbye to Violet was the hardest. We were standing in the yard petting her and hugging her. Knowing as my mom and dad pulled away in the car, that we would never see her again.

A painting of my dog

Ok, now let’s transition from a sad memory to a funny one. When I was younger I was not necessarily the brightest child. My family was at a small church gathering at the end of the service and there was a display of cupcakes. Me, and my remarkable sweet tooth wanted to have some so badly that I got one of my friends and went up to the display. It was beautiful and very colorful and I hated to ruin it, but my sweet tooth got the better of me. My friend and I went up to the cupcakes and licked the icing off of every single one. I don’t remember the reaction of the people around us, but I sure would have liked to see their faces in that moment. I was not punished for this and in my mind I was rewarded, because we came home with a car full of cupcakes that were all mine. 🤤


Have you ever gotten stitches?

Do you have a dog?

What is your favorite sweet?

Any questions about the post?

The Importance of Friendship

Friendship is something that people tend to take for granted. Think of all the people in the world that don’t have any neighbors that they spend time with or are homeschooled and don’t have the same social aspect of their normal day rather then people who go to school. It takes a lot of trust and loyalty to become someone’s close friend. But, the outcome of that is someone that will be a great part of your life. The friends that I have made in life are loyal, caring, and always someone that I can have a good, reliable laugh with.

I really Realized how much my friends cared about me when I had my surgery. It was not an easy thing to go through, but my best friend was there for me. She was by my side every day. We played card games together, prayed together, and most importantly laughed together. She kept me busy, and in doing that, she kept my mind off the pain.

My friend and I have something called complete trust. We can tell each other anything. We love to have fun together after school. She will listen to any of my complaints and give me some advice or even a needed laugh. It’s always nice to know that through every hardship I face she will always be there for me.


What is a great thing that a friend has done for you?

Do you like the social aspect of school?

Are you a introvert or an extrovert?

Any questions about my post?

Back to school

School is something that a lot of people dread, and sadly, so do I. Something that makes school unpleasant is how stressful it can be. Whether it is from social anxiety or just turning something in late.


Organization helps with my school stress. It’s always good not to have to frantically look for a school paper. If you are organized then you should know exactly where to look for something like that.

In the picture above you saw that my school binders were labeled. I like to do this. If you are looking for the binder for the right class you can just scan the labels and find what your looking for. In doing this it gives you more time to get to your class or talk to your friends.

Homework 📚

Homework is another thing that can cause stress. But, it really shouldn’t. I think it is very important to write down your homework when it is assigned. That way, your not relying on your memory skills or your friends to tell you what your homework is.

A lot of people get stress from homework simply because they wait to long to do it. If your teacher wants you to right a paper over two weeks most people would wait till a few days before to write it. Which, stresses them out. The solution to this problem is to not wait. You should write some of the paper each night. So, when the paper is due, you only have to write a small section of it.

And if you having a bad day look at this…

Questions (answer in the comments)

Do you have school stress?

Did this post help you?

Any questions about my post?


Poetry is an interest that both me and my dad share. We would both gladly sit down and read through a book of poetry together.

In my opinion not all poetry has to rhyme. But, I like to write rhyming poetry. The poetry below is what I entered in a school competition. Its name is Plant Green and my favorite part is the last four lines.

A real example of plant green.


What kind of poetry do you enjoy?

What’s your favorite kind of plant?

Any questions about the post?

My Knee Surgery

My knee surgery was in June and I am about 2 months into the recovery. This post is going to be about the surgery in general and my recovery so far.

The Surgery

I had a pretty rare knee surgery. My family was surprised to find out that I had an OCD (Osteochondral Defect). This means that I had a soft spot in my femur. But, in my case, it was more of a crack. It was already past the point that it could naturally heal. So, I had surgery. It was very stressful waiting for the day of the surgery. But, all in all, the day after the surgery was the worst.

The Recovery

This was the day of my surgery.

After my surgery was an experience. I was put on pain medication, but I took to little of it. My pain was definitely something I would never want to go through again. But, after a few days my pain was lessening.

I really realized how much people cared about me in those first couple weeks. People from my church came to see how I was doing and my friends have been supportive through this whole process. It really made my day when a friend would come in the room, because I knew they understood and were there for me.

The next process of my recovery was 6 weeks of crutches and a lot of physical therapy. Surprisingly, that went by really quickly.

The part of my recovery I am currently in is two weeks on one crutch. That part is to help me transition in to walking which, I have been doing some myself.

It is extremely encouraging to be moving on from some of my physical therapy exercises. Every day I am getting stronger and closer to being able to play basketball.

Questions and what’s next

Please comment with any suggestions you would like to hear about.

Have you ever had a surgery? If so, what kind?

What’s a time that your friends have stood by you when you needed them the most?

Any questions about my post?

This is Kevin. If your having a bad day look at this cute bird😄
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